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It starts today, building towards our shared vision for a single energy market to connect 230 million Europeans

People should be able to share their energy data with any service they wish.

Energy companies should be able to operate across the EU without barriers.

Grid operators should have access to Open Source tools for secure data sharing.

Building energy data networks for tomorrow

We are a group of Grid Operators working together to unlock access to energy data. By simplifying how energy companies can gain access to data free’s them to focus on the solutions we all need to achieve our energy and climate goals. We will do this by harmonising data access, so that companies do not face obstacles in setting up in new regions. We will bridge together Europe's datahubs, so that energy companies can access data securely from one place.
Competitive energy markets are the foundation for achieving Europe's energy and climate goals. Data managers will soon be required by law to enable people and businesses to share their data: the Clean Energy Package has introduced among other things a set of rules around data management, data protection and cyber security. Article 23 of (EU) Directive 2019/944 regulates the need for transparency and non-discriminatory access to data. Article 24 of (EU) Directive 2019/944 underlines that data interoperability is key increase competition in energy retail markets needs.
The Data Bridge Alliance was founded by grid operators that are committed to building this new network of data hubs across Europe to make these new directives a reality.
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